Tubular Air Heater

Tubular Elements are the most versatile, dependable and rugged of any heat generation device. These qualities make it an ideal heat source for many applications. Precision wound 80-20 nickel-chrome wire to deliver an even heat distribution to the element sheath. High purity, grade A magnesium oxide is used as the internal insulation to insure the best thermal transfer and insulation resistance. A variety of electrical terminations, mounting fittings and brackets, along with the wide array of bending options,allow for easy integration into any heating system. this heater are also manufatured for high tempreture upto 600 Degree C.


• Radiant Heating
• Ovens
• Dryers
• Sealing Bars
• Dehumidifier
• Convection Air and Gas
• Shrink Tunnels / shrink packaging

• Dies and Manifolds
• Immersion Heating
• Contact heating
• Chemical industries


• Custom-formed to meet specific requirements
• Precision wound resistance wire for long heater life
• Superior heat transfer.

• Variety of lengths available
• Easy to install
• High mechanical and chemical resistance