Drum Heater

This Drum Heater is developed for heating the drum in vertical position. The electrical heating element is housed in a robust metal casing with casters and hinges for easy slip into position around a heavy drum. The elements are spread uniformly and backed with 50 mm thick thermal insulation to ensure the better thermal efficiency. The base heater is also provided for better heating efficiency. A junction box with the thermostatic temperature controller and the contactor is provided outside the drum heater

Product Details

Heater Material Resistance wire
Voltage 230V, Single Phase or 440V, 3 Phase
Size 200 Ltr standard drum
Capacity (l) 200 Ltr
Temperature(deg. Celsius) 180
Product Type BKE drum Heater
Power (Kw) 4.5
Phase 3
Condition New
Installation Freestanding