Anti Scale & Antirust Immersion Heater

These Heaters Are Designed Specially For Preventing White Scalling And Rusting Of Heater Tube Due To Hard Water. Coating Protect Heaters From Scalling & Rusting Which Extends Life And Prevents Failure Of Heaters Due To Bursting And Corrosion.

Electroplating / Titanium Immersion Heaters

Titanium Heaters Are Sheathed In Best Quality Titanium Tube Using High Thermal Conductivity MGO Powder For Efficient Heat Transfer And Long Life. Titanium Heater Is Mainly Used In Electroplating And Chemical Industry For Prevention Of High Corrosion Due To Chemical Reaction. Available In Various Lengths As Per Customer Requirement And Standard Diameters 25mm,38mm & 45mm.


• Compact design
• Easy operation
• Low maintenance
• High durablity

Silica Glass Heaters


• This heater is designed to heat-up the solutions rapidly as the same have more watt density than the rod type heater. This heater is also available with built in thermostat.
• To Heat Up various acidic solution where no metal withstands


Sheathing—This type of heaters have quartz silica tube sheathing, closed from bottom. Rubber cap with terminal wires are mounted on the top. Heater terminals are fixed very firmly with the outer wires. It consist of non-sinkable heating element, as the heater is suitable for vertical installation only.


• Length - 12" , 18" , 24" , 30" & 36"
• Capacity — Volts — 240
• Watts — 1000 to 4000
• Terminal wire length — 1.5 Mtrs.

Water & Oil Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are a fast and efficient way of heating up various liquid solutions in processing equipment, large tanks and containers in many industries. Heating up liquids using direct heat transfer allows for the liquid medium to quickly reach the desired temperature using electric heaters. This application is commonly used in chemical processes, large petrochemical containers as well as large water containers that require fast heatup time. With minimal maintenance requirements, immersion heaters are an excellent solution to rapid heating in almost any industrial environment.


• Water heating.
• Freeze protection.
• Viscous oils.

• Storage tanks
• Degreasing tanks
• Solvents.

• Salts.
• Paraffin.
• Caustic solution.

• Domestic applications
• Oil filtration plants
• Electroplating industry