Ceramic Infrared Heater

The element wire, of ceramic infrared heater, is embedded in glazed refractory which protects the wire from atmosphere to get longer life. In normal operating condition the life of the heater for most application would be well in excess of 10,000 hrs. Of 80% power. These are available with built In or without thermocouple J or K Type in yellow as well as white colours.
Heat up time reduced by over 40%.
Energy saving of over 15% in some applications.
Lightweight construction with low thermal mass.


• Plastic Industries:- Thermoforming & Vacuum Forming for plastificalion of Sheets / rolls. Lamination and welding of Plastic. Curing / Shrinking Of PVC Paste.
• Rubber Industries: Preheating & vulcanizing of rubber Sheets. Preheating of Synthetic Pipes Before Coupling.
• Textile Industries:- Drying Of finished Textile / Garments / Carpets. Setting of Nylon & Perlon Threads.
• Paper Industries:- Drying of Paper Pulp, Drying of Paper Glue, Drying of Paper Coating, Adhesive Activation.
• Paint Industries:- Stoving for Car Bodies epoxy. Lacquer Steer Panels.
• Screen Printing :- Ink Drying, Instruments Dial Plastic. Fascia Panel Aluminum.
• Food & Other Industries :- Baking & Browing Of Bakery Products, Packaging Food Product. Drying Tobacco, Sprayed and Powder Coating.


Standard Size available
Element Type Size Loading / Watt At 220-240v
BK2456 245mm x 60mm 150 250 300 350 400 500 650 750 1000
BK1226 122mm x 60mm - 125 150 - 200 250 325 - 500
BK66 60mm x 60mm - - - - - 125 - - 250
BK122(6) 122mm x 122mm 150 200 250 300 350 400 500 650 750
Mean surface Temp. In 0C - 315 418 452 480 515 560 630 670 750
Min wave length in micron - 6 4.9 4.6 4.5 4.2 4.0 3.55 3.5 3.0

Quartz IR Heater

Infrared heat is particularly economical on energy as compared to other heat sources because IR penetrates into the object directly and generates heat internally. It does not require any travel medium like air or water as compared to conventional heaters. Heat loss is negligible compared to other heating methods of conduction or convection. It is not only a "fastest form of heat", but is also a solution to many demanding applications such as vacuum technology and clean room conditions.
Quartz infrared Tubes are available in varying die. of 8, 10 , 12 & 15mm & in lengths from 300 to 1500mm in different designs & requirements. Also available in other dimensions as per request. To be used only in Horizontal position and the mounting support should be located in Non-Heating ends.


• Medical Equipement - Incubator
• IR Conveyonse Preheating Systems
• Paperboard Coating and Drying
• Powder Coating
• Paint baking
• Screen Print Drying
• Lamination
• Heating in Vacuum


• Round tube emitters are available in milky and transparent types
• Practically no Heating-up or cooling-down time
• Low cost with high efficiency & process reliability
• High density radiation with tubes occupying much less space
• Insulated Connection terminals

Short Wave IR Heater

Short Wave IR Lamp transmits heat in the form of electromagnetic waves at a velocity of approximately 3,00,000 Km/Sec i.e., at the speed of light. These lamps are not only the fastest in transmitting heat but are most suitable for specific applications involving vacuum technology and dust free (clean room) conditions.


• Short wave IR lamps are available in different lengths from 5" to 30" or as per customer specifications.
• PET preform heating in stretch blow molding machines
• Printing ink drying in offset machines
• Paper coating drying
• Pre - heating prior to embossing
• Screen printing curing on T - shirts
• Textiles and many-more


• Heating is done by radiation, this eliminates loss of energy used for heating media and heat loss due to convection
• Here the infrared waves penetrate the material, on which it falls and delivers the heat directly to that material

Short Wave Infrared Module

• Infrared modules are the ideal solution for the application of infrared heat technology.
• They save the user design costs and time and are substantially less expensive than the complete infrared systems.
• They are complete and ready for the operation.
• This provides advantages for both the, user while installing in to the existing systems and for the planing / project engineers
• Infrared modules can be individually regulated, controlled and ventilated
• Because of its modular construction it is possible to make the heating panels of practically any size with heaters length up to 40.


• Curing of paint
• Drying Glaze on Ceramic Tiles
• Powder coating
• Drying Gumming Sheets
• Lacquers Drying

• Drying Adhesives Tapes
• Printing ink
• Textile
• Latex paper
• Car body works

Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Module

This is made up of 8-shape high-purity dear quartz twin tube, each tube has Heating Coil of Tungsten material which runs in U shape in the tube which is filled with halogen gas.
• Power Density up to 150KW/m2 is achieved. Heating up and cooling down time is approximately one second.
• These heaters are available with gold reflector and without reflector.
• Reflector is in the form of gold coating on outer rear side of the tube.
• Due to reflector heat loss from backside is prevented and thus power saving is achieved.
• This also results in making surrounding work area cooler. • This also increases the efficiency and directionality of the heater.
• There are two standard sizes 11 mm x 23 mm and 15 rnm x 32 mm in cross section. Maximum length available is 2000 mm.