Manifold Heaters

Formed Tubular Heaters is supplied in Chrome Nickel Steel with nominal sheath diameter of 6.50mm and 8.00mm. Standard elements have a terminal post which gives a cold section of approx 30mm for 6.00mm and 6.50mm and 35mm for 8.00mm. Square size 6 X 6, 7 X 7,8 X 8.
The helical wound heating wire is made of a high temperature resistant NiCr alloy. And the insulation consists of superiorgrade of management oxide (MgO). As the heaters are swaged, even at night sheath temperature they have excellent electrical insulation and a high heat transfer. To prevent the heater from moisture the connection ends are sealed with sealing components.
For manufacturing formed elements it is necessary to have an accurate dimensional sketch showing all the centre distance, radius and degrees.


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